Blind - Overview

Genre:   Drama, Romance  
Opened: Jul 14, 2017     Run Time: 1hr 38min  
Cast: Alec Baldwin   Demi Moore  Dylan McDermott   Viva Bianca        
Director: Michael Mailer   
Producer: Michael Mailer   Diane Fisher   Pamela Thur   Jennifer Gelfer
Executive Producer: Alan Helene   Alessandro Penazzi   Scott Kluge  
Blind: Former best-selling novelist Bill Oakland, who suffered an accident leaving him blind, finds himself being read to by a woman named Suzanne who has been sentenced to community service. Bill and Suzanne's lives subsequently become entangled as they both begin to learn that life is more than what you see.
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Theatrical Distributor: Vertical Entertainment
Production Company: Michael Mailer Films
Visual Effects: & Co.
Score Music Recorder: Spin Recording Studios
Robert Redford And band recorder: Avatar Studios
Vocals Recorder: Spin Recording Studios
Digital Intermediate Services Provider: Light Iron Digital, LLC
Production Legal Services Provider: Gray Krauss, LLP
Grip & Lighting Equipment Provider: ARRI Group
Camera Equipment Provider: Panavision, Ltd.