The Bad Batch - Overview

Genre:   Drama, Romance, SciFi/Fantasy  
Opened: Jun 23, 2017     Run Time: 1hr 55min  
Cast: Keanu Reeves   Jim Carrey  Jason Momoa   Diego Luna        
Director: Ana Lily Amirpour   
Producer: Megan Ellison   Danny Gabai    
Executive Producer: Shane Smith   Eddy Moretti    
The Bad Batch: THE BAD BATCH follows Arlen after she's left in a Texas wasteland fenced off from civilization. While trying to navigate the unforgiving landscape, Arlen is captured by a savage band of cannibals led by the mysterious Miami Man. With her life on the line she makes her way to The Dream. As she adjusts to life in 'the bad batch' Arlen discovers that being good or bad mostly depends on who's standing next to you.
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5.6 star rating 5.6 on
Rotten Tomatoes 44%  on  Rotten Tomatoes
Flixter 38%  on  Flixter
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# Weeks 6
# Total Gross $0.2M
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The Bad Batch
Theatrical Distributor: Unnamed Tom Quinn/Tim League/Jason Janego Company
Production Company: Annapurna Productions
Production Company: Vice Magazine
Production Company: Say Ahh...
1 star rating 1
This movie is purely trash. Set aside the disgusting fact that the director wore blackface for a party -- which I found out about after I saw the movie and hate...
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It's a love story and not a horror really and that's really kinda why I love this movie. With everything being so out play in the thriller/horror genre, with hu...