Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Overview

Genre:   Horror, Thriller, 3D  
Opened: Jan 27, 2017     Run Time: 2hrs 20min  
Cast: Milla Jovovich   Iain Glen  Ali Larter   Shawn Roberts        
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson   
Producer: Robert Kulzer   Jeremy Bolt   Samuel Hadida   Paul W.S. Anderson
Executive Producer: Martin Moszkowicz   Victor Hadida    
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: The T-virus unleashed by the evil Umbrella corporation has spread to every corner of the globe, turning Erath into a hellscape of zombies, demons and monsters. Now Alice, a former Umbrella employee turned rogue warrior, joins her friends on a last-chance mission to save mankind by storming the company's headquarters located deep underneath what used to be Raccoon City. But the Red Queen knows Alice is coming, and the final battle will determine i... Read More
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Rotten Tomatoes 33%  on  Rotten Tomatoes
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Box Office Data
# Weeks 9
# Total Gross $26.8M
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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Studio: Screen Gems
Theatrical Distributor: Screen Gems
Production Company: Constantin Film Development, Inc.
Production Company: Impact Pictures
Production Company: Davis Films
Catering & Craft Service Provider: Lynne Matthysen
Sound Editorial And Design Services: Sound Dogs Toronto
Picture & Sound Post Production Services Provider: Deluxe Entertainment Services Group
Title Design: Topix
Completion Guarantor Services Provider: Film Finances, Inc.
Just got done watching it in 3D.
7 star rating 7
Pretty good movie, better than I thought it was going to be. It was supposed to been last but I think they left the door open a bit. Good rainy Saturday matinee...