The Giant Mechanical Man - Overview

Genre:   Comedy, Drama  
Opened: Apr 27, 2012     Run Time: 1hr 34min  
Cast: Jenna Fischer   Chris Messina  Malin Akerman   Lucy Punch        
Director: Lee Kirk   
Producer: Molly Hassell   Jenna Fischer   Michael Nardelli  
Executive Producer: Brent Stiefel   Michael Lionello Cowan   Michael O Gallant  
The Giant Mechanical Man: Janice, a woman in her 30's has yet to learn how to navigate adulthood, and Tim, a  devoted  artist  finds  that  his  unique  talents  as  a  silver‐painted  street  performer  don't  exactly  pay  the  bills.   Evicted  from  her  apartment  and  forced  to  move  in  with  her  overbearing  sister,  Janice  is  on  the  receiving  end  of  well‐intentioned  but  misguided  pressure  to  date  an  egotistical  self‐help  guru.  Everyone  seems ... Read More
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The Giant Mechanical Man
Domestic Theatrical Distributor: Tribeca Film Festival
Production Company: Taggart Productions
Production Company: Votiv Films
AV Club
By  Nathan Rabin
Critic Rating: 2 star rating 2
Apr 26, 2012
Fischer at least has personal and romantic reasons to be involved with this film, but audiences are unencumbered by such obligations, and should heed the title's warning sign and opt out of Kirk, Fischer, and Messina's fruitless little circle of pain.
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By  John Anderson
Apr 26, 2012
Grinding its gears a bit in an attempt to achieve maximum quirkiness, "The Giant Mechanical Man" will meet most audiences' standards for "charming."
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