Killshot - Overview

Genre:   Crime, Thriller, Action/Adventure  
Opened: Jan 23, 2009     Run Time: 1hr 24min  
Cast: Diane Lane   Mickey Rourke  Brandon McGibbon   Peter Kelly Gaudreault        
Director: John Madden   
Producer: Lawrence Bender   Quentin Tarantino   Richard N. Gladstein  
Executive Producer: Bob Weinstein   Harvey Weinstein   John Madden  
Killshot: When a husband and wife witness a shakedown, they discover that the Witness Protection Program is no match for a pair of ruthless killers who want them dead.
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# Weeks 2
# Total Gross $0M
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Studio: Miramax Films
Studio: The Weinstein Company
Theatrical Distributor: The Weinstein Company
Production Company: Lawrence Bender Productions
Production Company: FilmColony
Avids Provider: London Editing Machines
Post Production Facilities: De Lane Lea
Post Production Sound Editing Facility: Videosonics Cinema Sound
Rerecording Facilities: Pinewood Studios, London, England
Temp Mix Re-recording Facility: Videosonics Cinema Sound
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Jun 10, 2009
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