The Butterfly Effect - Overview

Genre:   Drama, Thriller  
Opened: Jan 23, 2004     Run Time: 1hr 53min  
Cast: Ashton Kutcher   Amy Smart  Elden Henson   Eric Stoltz        
Director: Eric Bress   
Producer: J.C. Spink   Chris Bender   A.J. Dix   Anthony Rhulen
Executive Producer: Ashton Kutcher   Toby Emmerich   Richard Brener  
The Butterfly Effect: Evan Treborn has lost track of time. From an early age, crucial moments of his life have disappeared into a black hole of forgetting, his boyhood marred by a series of terrifying events he can't remember. What remains is the ghost of memory and the broken lives around him--the lives of his childhood friends, Kayleigh, Lenny and Tommy. Throughout his childhood, Evan was under the care of a psychologist who encouraged him to keep a journal, detaili... Read More
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7.2 star rating 7.2 on
Rotten Tomatoes 33%  on  Rotten Tomatoes
Flixter 81%  on  Flixter
Box Office Data
# Weeks 12
# Total Gross $57.7M
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The Butterfly Effect
Studio: New Line Cinema
Theatrical Distributor: New Line Cinema
Production Company: Dogwood Pictures
Production Company: Benderspink
Production Company: Katalyst Films
Production Company: FilmEngine
7 star rating 7
Ashton Kutcher's character blocks out painful memories of his childhood and develops supernatural powers that can enable him to go back to his past to try to fi...
9 star rating 9
A complex, yet utterly engrossng story which keeps you on the edge of your seat. The acting from Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart actually surprised me as it was ve...