See Spot Run - Overview

Genre:   Comedy, Action/Adventure  
Opened: Mar 02, 2001     Run Time: 1hr 34min  
Cast: David Arquette   Michael Clarke Duncan  Leslie Bibb   Joe Viterelli        
Director: John P Whitesell   
Producer: Robert Simonds   Tracey Trench   Andrew Deane  
Executive Producer: Michael Alexander Miller   Bruce Berman    
See Spot Run: Gordon Smith is an offbeat mailman who has never met a dog he couldn't handle. When he offers to baby-sit James, the young son of his beautiful neighbor Stephanie, he hopes to spark her romantic interest in him. A hard working single mom, Stephanie thinks Gordon is just an overgrown kid himself, but circumstances force her to leave James with him, temporarily, while she is away on business. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Murdoch is trying desperately to fi... Read More
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4.9 star rating 4.9 on
Rotten Tomatoes 23%  on  Rotten Tomatoes
Flixter 51%  on  Flixter
Box Office Data
# Weeks 11
# Total Gross $33.4M
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See Spot Run
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Theatrical Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution
Co-Financier/Production Company: Village Roadshow Pictures Entertainment
Production Company: Robert Simonds Company
Production Company: NPV Entertainment
visual effects: Perpetual Motion Picture
costume supervisor: Armstrong
titles and opticals: Pacific Title & Art Studio
animals provider: Film Animals Inc
Film Stock: Eastman Kodak
5 star rating 5
The idea of this movie was good but what really bummed me out was the extreme sillyness of the movie, like in the pet store where the most extreme things happen...
3 star rating 3
A brief review as this was one that just happened to be on TV. David Arquette is one of those Actors (I feel) who is where he is because of his family name and...