Time Machine - Overview

Genre:   SciFi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure  
Opened: Mar 08, 2002     Run Time: 1hr 36min  
Cast: Guy Pearce   Samantha Mumba  Omero Mumba   Orlando Jones        
Director: Simon Wells   
Producer: Walter F Parkes   David Valdes   Catherine Sudolcan  
Executive Producer: Laurie MacDonald   Arnold Leibovit   Jorge Saralegui  
Time Machine: Scientist and inventor Alexander Hartdegen is determined to prove that time travel is possible. His determination is turned to desperation by a personal tragedy that now drives him to want to change the past. Testing his theories with a time machine of his own invention, Hartdegen is hurtled 800,000 years into the future. There he finds a post-apocalyptic world where he discovers that mankind has been divided into the hunter... and the hunted.
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4.8 star rating 4.8 on
Rotten Tomatoes 29%  on  Rotten Tomatoes
Flixter 14%  on  Flixter
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# Weeks 11
# Total Gross $56.7M
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Time Machine
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Studio: DreamWorks Studios
Theatrical Distributor: DreamWorks Studios
Production Company: material
Production Company: Talking Rings Entertainment
Production Company: Parkes+MacDonald Image Nation
funding: Arnold Leibovit Entertainment
caterer: Ken & Art's Catering
stand-in: Violet
re-recording facilities: Universal Studios Sound Facilities
2 star rating 2
I keep confusing this horrible remake with the horrible remake of Planet of the Apes. Maybe it's because they came out fairly close to each other? Or I saw th...
6 star rating 6
I really loved the special effects... but the evolution of the human race as it appears in this movie is impossible.