The Terminator - Overview

Genre:   Thriller, SciFi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure  
Opened: Oct 26, 1984     Run Time: 1hr 48min  
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger   Michael Biehn  Linda Hamilton   Lance Henriksen        
Director: James Cameron   
Producer: Gale Anne Hurd      
Executive Producer: John Daly   Derek Gibson    
The Terminator: Endlessly imitated, The Terminator made the reputation of cowriter/director James Cameron -- who would go on to make 1997's titanic Titanic -- and solidified the stardom of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie begins in a post-apocalyptic 2029, when Los Angeles has been largely reduced to rubble and is under the thumb of all-powerful ruling machines. Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), a member of the human resistance movement, is teleported back to 1984. Hi... Read More
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The Terminator
Theatrical Distributor: Orion Pictures
Production Company: Hemdale Film Corporation
Production Company: Orion Pictures
special visual effects: Fantasy II Film Effects Inc
prints: Deluxe Entertainment Services Group
animal supplier: Animals Unlimited
lasers: Laser Products Corporation
9 star rating 9
If someone different played this role, Schwarzenegger would've never been the action movie icon of the modern age.
7 star rating 7
Remember that time I: - rejoined everyone else in the 21st century? - saw God-awful Terminator: Salvation before this? - suddenly decided that Linda Hamilton is...