CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for May 25, 2017
Deceased: Dec 30, 2003
Biography: With his (at least) equally famous wife, Joan Didion, John Gregory Dunne has earned celebrity through more than three decades of successfully navigating the choppy waters of three highly competitive fields: journalism, fiction and screenwriting. Described by one reporter as "The First Family of Angst" (Saturday Review, April 1982), the pair have never been precisely hot in Hollywood, but their involvement tends to bestow pedigree upon a project more than box-office magic. Their first screen collaboration was on the screenplay adaptation of Jerry Schatzberg's "The Panic in Needle Park"...
Vincent Piazza
Age 41
Biography: Vincent Piazza became his generation's go-to "wise guy" for the big and small screens. A native New Yorker and second generation Italian, Piazza cemented his flair for mobster roles on the critically acclaimed series "Boardwalk Empire" (HBO 2010-14), playing...
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Jamie Kennedy
Age 47
Biography: Jamie Kennedy was best known for his breakthrough performance as Randy Meeks, the video store clerk well-versed in the conventions of scary movies, in Wes Craven's 1996 self-referential horror film "Scream" and its follow-up "Scream 2" (1997). The...
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Connie Sellecca
Age 62
Biography: A tall, dark-haired, porcelain-skinned beauty who became a leading lady of numerous TV series, Connie Sellecca has also designed her own line of fashions for Montgomery Ward, modeled for Revlon, and had a very public marriage to TV anchor-turned-singer John...
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Octavia Spencer
Age 47
Biography: Possessing the talent to make even the most minor of roles memorable, Octavia Spencer was a fixture for years on both the small and big screens in supporting roles that called for either a caring nurse or a mouthy blue-collar worker. After making her feature...
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Leslie Uggams
Age 74
Biography: Leslie Marian Uggams was born May 25, 1943 in New York City to a singer father and dancer mother. Uggams followed in her parents' footsteps, performing at the age of six at the Apollo Theater and earning notability on the game show "Name That Tune" (CBS...
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Frank Oz
Age 73
Biography: Because he voiced and operated several of the most beloved Muppets - Cookie Monster, Bert, Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy - puppeteer Frank Oz firmly secured his place in pop culture history behind friend, mentor and Muppet creator Jim Henson. But always looking...
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Anne Heche
Age 48
Biography: At one point in her career, Emmy Award-winning actress Anne Heche was in danger of being remembered more for her episodes of eccentric behavior and volatile relationships than for her considerable acting talent. After an early breakout role on the soap opera...
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Ian McKellen
Age 78
Biography: Long considered to be one of the greatest British stage actors of all time, Sir Ian McKellen initially had surprising difficulty translating his immense talents to film and television. After spending his youth absorbing the theatre as a spectator and later...
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Patti D'Arbanville
Age 66
Biography: Striking blonde actress discovered by Andy Warhol while working as a teen disc jockey and cast in a small role in his underground film "Flesh" (1968), directed by Paul Morrissey. D'Arbanville began modeling while a fringe member of Warhol's Factory and moved...
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Dixie Carter
Deceased: Apr 10, 2010
Biography: Actress Dixie Carter belied the stereotypical image of a Southern belle with her smart choices in roles that often showcased strong-willed and steely characters. Audiences loved her as the classy-yet-brassy Julia Sugarbaker on "Designing Women" (CBS,...
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Gabby Soleil
Age 22
Biography: Gabby Soleil had a lucky break when she was noticed by a talent manager on a street in Beverly Hills, California. In no time, she was appearing in television commercials, starting with a spot for the insurance company Met Life. The young actress received her...
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Hillary Smith
Age 60
Biography: Hillary B Smith worked in a variety of genres and built up a diverse and reputable career. Smith began her acting career with roles in the series "As the World Turns" (1955-2010) and "The Doctors" (1962-1983). She also appeared in the TV movie "Sharing...
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Jacki Weaver
Age 70
Biography: One of the most acclaimed and notorious entertainment figures in Australian entertainment history, actress Jacki Weaver earned numerous awards for her gutsy turns in films like "Animal Kingdom" (2010), "Stork" (1971) and "Caddie" (1976), while dominating the...
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Cillian Murphy
Age 41
Biography: After cutting his teeth creatively as an amateur musician and later dropping out of law school, Irish-born Cillian Murphy segued into acting with an attention-grabbing performance in the stark, two-character stage drama, "Disco Pigs." The surprise hit...
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Demetri Martin
Age 44
Biography: Demetri Martin worked on a variety of projects during his entertainment career. During the early stages of his acting career, Martin worked in films like the comedy sequel "Analyze That" (2002) with Robert De Niro. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award...
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Bob Gale
Age 66
Biography: Screenwriter Bob Gale is best known for his work on the "Back to the Future" trilogy. Born in Missouri, Gale as a child made films with his brother and later attended the USC School of Cinema. While there he met Robert Zemeckis, with whom he would collaborate...
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Justin Henry
Age 46
Biography: Justin Henry was eight years old when he earned an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his role as the adorable son of Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep in the 1979 drama "Kramer vs. Kramer." "Discovered" by a neighbor who was a casting...
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Erinn Hayes
Age 41
Biography: Erinn Hayes was an accomplished actress, noted for her comedic timing in her roles for television shows. Hayes's early acting career was founded on her roles in various dramas, such as "Providence" (NBC, 1998-2003), "The West Wing" (NBC, 1999-2006) and...
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George Hickenlooper
Deceased: Oct 29, 2010
Biography: A fiercely independent filmmaker whose best work focused on larger-than-life figures, George Hickenlooper directed such notable pictures as "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse" (1991), "The Man from Elysian Fields" (2001), "Mayor of the Sunset...
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