CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS   for Feb 22, 2017
Age 67
Biography: Julius Erving ascended to rarified air in the 1970s as a high-flying superstar of the upstart American Basketball League, then the NBA, as he defined the small forward position and went on to become an archetype of style and class for the sport. Nicknamed "Dr. J," Erving filled up score sheets as a lithe, 6'6" forward for the University of Massachusetts before leaving school in 1971 to join the ABA's Virginia Squires. His dynamic aerial drives to the bucket began garnering real attention in 1973 when he was traded to the ABA's major market jewel, the New York Nets. Becoming a rare...
Steve Irwin
Deceased: Sep 04, 2006
Biography: Steve Irwin was born to love animals and to fight for their survival - even those creatures most people would deem less than desirable. He had cared for reptiles since the tender age of six when he received his first long scrub python. Sadly, it was his...
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Age 67
Biography: This pensive-looking blonde former leading light of the Paris cafe-theater scene has brought poise and intelligence to over 60 screen roles since the 1970s. Despite a comic name bestowed by her stage partner Coluche, Miou-Miou has proven adept at both drama...
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Nigel Planer
Age 64
Biography: Nigel Planer was a member of the Comic Strip, a loose collective of actors and comedians who changed British comedy forever in the early 1980s. Having studied drama at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Planer formed a double act with a...
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Tamara Mello
Age 41
Biography: A petite, spunky, tousle-haired California girl best known for her role as activist and outcast Lily on "Popular" (The WB, 1999-2001), actress Tamara Mello got her start in the early 1990s, racking up independent film credits before landing on the aptly-named...
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John Ashton
Age 69
Biography: A burly, mustachioed character actor frequently cast as law enforcement agents or villainous heavies, John Ashton began his acting career on the L.A. stage in the early 1970s after graduating from USC. The New Englander entered films as a police sergeant in...
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Lliza Shlesinger
Age 34
Biography: Iliza Shlesinger was an American comedian who in 2008 became the first woman, and youngest person ever, to win NBC's "Last Comic Standing" (NBC, 2003-2014). Born in New York City and raised in Dallas, Texas, Shlesinger's interest in performing began when she...
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Jeri Ryan
Age 49
Biography: An intelligent, commanding presence with a bombshell physique, Jeri Ryan was a highly prolific television actress, most often cast as powerful, authoritative women. An Army brat who grew up around the world, she entered beauty pageants to pay for her tuition...
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Drew Barrymore
Age 42
Biography: Actress, producer and director Drew Barrymore rode a career rollercoaster before hitting the age of 25, surviving childhood stardom and adolescent drug addiction - to say nothing of a tragic family legacy of great talent, but also great pain - only to work...
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Kyle MacLachlan
Age 58
Biography: Plucked from obscurity, clean-cut Kyle MacLachlan became a movie star overnight when he landed the lead in the epic space opera "Dune" (1984), but the film's disastrous critical reception nearly consigned him to the role of "has been" just as quickly. Luckily...
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Don Pardo
Deceased: Aug 18, 2014
Biography: Beloved as the baritone voice of "Saturday Night Live" (NBC, 1975- ), Don Pardo read the cast roll at the start of that late night comedy juggernaut for several decades, right from its inception in 1975. Aside from the 1981-82 season when the show was in a...
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Joshua Helman
Age 31
Biography: When Josh Helman's professional acting career started up at the age of 21, it wasn't assumed that this Australian actor would make a smooth transition to American cinema despite the hopes of a Mel Gibson-like transition. His debut role was on the Australian...
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Elodie Yung
Age 36
Biography: Elodie Yung was a French film and television actress who became known to America audiences in 2016 after appearing as Elektra on season two of Netflix's "Daredevil" (2015- ). Born and raised in Paris to a French mother and Cambodian father, Yung had various...
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Lea Salonga
Age 46
Biography: As a well-versed Filipino entertainer, Lea Salonga had a diverse career in the entertainment industry. Early in her acting career, Salonga could be seen on award shows like "The 45th Annual Tony Awards" (1990-91) and "The 65th Annual Academy Awards"...
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Rachel Dratch
Age 51
Biography: Whether it was with spot-on impressions or a wealth of original characters like her most famous creation, Debbie Downer, comic performer Rachel Dratch proved to be an invaluable addition to the cast of the long-running variety show, "Saturday Night Live"...
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Miko Hughes
Age 31
Biography: An impressive young actor who has been before the cameras since he was just a baby, Miko Hughes proved to be a scene stealer from his first major film role as the back-from-the-grave toddler in "Pet Semetary" (1989). Of Native American descent...
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Judy Cornwell
Age 77
Biography: Judy Cornwell's grandmother Sarah Bonner was a music hall singer, and the beloved British actress initially followed in her footsteps. Cornwell's career began in theater, where she learned dancing, pantomime, and singing. After her first small film part in...
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Jonathan Demme
Age 73
Biography: An incredibly energetic, optimistic and versatile director of character-driven films, Jonathan Demme emerged from the crucible of B-moviemaking at Roger Corman's New World Pictures in the early 1970s to become one of Hollywood's most critically admired...
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Paul Dooley
Age 89
Biography: An agreeably rumpled, very hard-working character actor of film and television, Paul Dooley has been active in big-budget and independent features, excelling in both lead roles and bit parts. Initially an aspiring cartoonist, Dooley got his start with the...
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Tucker Smallwood
Age 73
Biography: After being wounded in the Vietnam War, Tucker Smallwood persevered and saw some success as an actor. Due to his experiences as a soldier, Smallwood felt comfortable in authoritative or military roles, as evidenced by his early character work as guards,...
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